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The easy and affordable way to sell real estate in Victoria

$888 for and MLS®

Save thousands in commission.

No commission. No listing agent. Buyer's contact you directly.

Attract more Buyer’s

MLS®,, and more. You will appear identical to listings from traditional real estate companies.


Avoid commission

The average Victoria homeowner spends 6%100k + 3%balance for access to MLS®. ListYourself for less.


Sell faster, for more money

When you eliminate commissions, there’s no pressure to inflate your asking price to cover the cost of an agent.

See how much you could save.

Compared to 6%100k + 3%balance.

Commission Savings$

Get listed without the hassle, cost, and worry of a listing agent.

Seniorin in ablehnender Haltung

You know your home best. Showcase it to potential buyers directly with Canada’s top real estate sales system, MLS® &!

Ever wonder if your agent is answering phone calls and following up with Buyers? Do you wonder if your agent is focusing on selling your home? Do you wonder how much activity your agent receives from your property?

Wonder no more. All inquiries will be sent directly to you, unlike traditional agents who act as an intermediary. You have complete transparency in the prospective Buyer’s interested in your property. Engage with them directly to judge their interest level. Negotiate directly with Buyers and/or their agents. process enables you to put a deal together quickly, without the expense of a listing agent.

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Happy Home Owners

These Colwood homeowners saved over $18,000 in commissions and sold within 48 hours with the mere posting model! They’ve since listed and sold many more times with flat fee listings.

$888 + GST
MLS® Access

Victoria & Vancouver

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